Ronald GallimoreEveryone's a teacher to someone (John Wooden)

The research projects I feature on this site vary in focus, method, and context. From ethnography to randomized clinical trials. Fieldwork in Hawaii, research and development in a lab school, systematic observations in classrooms and families, longitudinal studies of families and children, and a study of a legendary teacher who just happened to be the greatest coach of the 20th century.

The thread that ties all these together is a career-long interest in behavior change theories and research.

Whatever value these investigations represent, none were possible without teamwork. On research projects, everyone is good at something; no one is good at everything. To launch, sustain, and complete a complex research project, and especially if it is longitudinal in design, requires people willing to collaborate and cooperate, tolerate differences of opinion and perspective, and resolve rather than escalate the conflicts that are inevitable whenever diverse personalities work together for extended periods. It has been my great good fortune to know and work with some terrific human beings. The work and goodness of these people are present in the studies and publications listed on this website.

The projects listed in the sidebar under Research are in roughly chronological order, beginning with the most recent.